The Choir

The Choir

19 March 1981 – 21 April 1981 Universal Theatre

Playbox Theatre Company, Nimrod Theatre Company, Shopfront Theatre, Hocking & Woods,

Theatre - Spoken Word Drama

"The Choir" is about a group of adolescent orphaned boys in a female-dominated institution. Physically mutilated and emotionally crippled, the boys yearn for love, and for a truth which is denied them. They compete for the attention of the only whole member of the choir, Andrew (Jim Holt), who becomes as authoritarian and paternalistic as his superiors, until the castrated boys take revenge.

The play was first workshopped at the Australian National Playwrights Conference in 1980. 



Neil Armfield

Neil Armfield


Eamon D'Arcy

Eamon D'Arcy


Peter Smith

Lighting Designer

Errol Bray


Libby Higgin

Stage Manager