The Propitious Kidnapping of the Cultured Daughter

Productions still for "The Propitious Kidnapping of the Cultured Daughter". William Gluth as Mark, Suzanne Baron as Felicity. Photographer: Unknown

The Propitious Kidnapping of the Cultured Daughter

By John J.F. Lee

23 August 1978 – 30 September 1978 Playbox Theatre

Hoopla Theatre Foundation,

New Writing Theatre World Premiere

An interpretation of the Patty Hearst story in Chinese Opera style. Patty Hearst was an American newspaper heiress who was kidnapped by the Symbionese Liberation Army in 1974, but who ended up joining the guerrilla organisation. Written by Chinese Malaysian playwright John Lee, who migrated to Australia in 1973.


"The Age" critic Neil Jillett described it as "drama with restraint and compression... Genuinely evocative, especially welcome at a time when so many theatre people are obsessed with the fake sensationalism of let-it-all-hang-out self-indulgence".


William Zappa

William Zappa

Designer, Director, Actor

Gary Kliger



Tanya Uren

Stage Manager

John Beckett

John Beckett

Design Execution

John J.F. Lee

John J.F. Lee


Robert Gebert

Lighting Designer

Michael Secker

Design Execution, Properties

Wayne Woods


Production Program