True West

From the programme for "True West".

True West

19 August 1981 – 06 September 1981 Playbox Theatre

Playbox Theatre Company,

Theatre - Spoken Word

Two brothers, seemingly worlds apart in lifestyle and demeanour, share an uncomfortable reunion in the suburban home of their mother. Austin is the intellectual one...Lee is the misfit...when a smarmy Hollywood producer takes an interest in Lee's - and not Austin's - story idea for a Western, a psychological battle of sibling rivalry unfolds.

Australian premiere. After receiving a lukewarm review in "The Age", Carrillo Gantner scheduled a free performance for students, pensioners and the unemployed to encourage people to make up their own minds about the production.



Sam Shepard


Rex Cramphorn

Rex Cramphorn


Eamon D'Arcy

Eamon D'Arcy


Yvonne Hockey

Stage Manager

Derek Nicholson

Lighting Designer