Embarrassment // Director's Note

By Wang Chong

Posted Feb 10, 2017

Little Emperors (2017), Photographer: Tim Grey

Little Emperors (2017), Photographer: Tim Grey

Directing Little Emperors is an embarrassing experience. It’s embarrassing not because they put my handsome photo on the poster, but because I found myself on every page in the play, exposed completely. I am the son Kevin, who forgets his mother’s birthday but always has his own remembered and celebrated by others; I am the daughter Huishan, who is in her 30s and still lives with her mother; I am the mother too, who blinds herself and can’t easily enjoy life.

This play must be embarrassing for millions of Chinese children born during the One Child Policy, as the family drama is a magnifying glass to look at the whole generation. Facing one’s self is never easy. Changing one’s self is much more challenging. Are the characters wise and brave enough to change? Am I?

The One Child Policy officially ended in 2016. It’s the crucial moment to look back and look beyond.

Let’s look.

Besides thanking all the great team members and people who offered generous help in the process, I have to give special thanks to my parents, Sun Kehuang and Wang Zhigang. They went to a marriage market in Beijing and took photos for the set design. Who knows if they also conveniently posted my information.


《小皇帝》这个戏很难导,因为它太让我尴尬了!我尴尬的倒不是我 的帅照出现在了海报上,而是因 为角色一个个儿都跟我太像了。我 像凯文,因为我也会忘记妈妈的生日,但她却不会忘记给我庆祝;我 像卉珊,因为我也三十多了还住在 家里;我还像妈妈,因为我总是自 欺欺人、话痨、无端焦虑。

我估计,上亿的中国人看了《小皇 帝》都会觉得尴尬,因为这就是中 国独生子女的现实。面对自己难, 改变自己则难于上青天。他们有没 有足够的智慧和勇气,改变自己? 我们有没有足够的智慧和勇气,改 变自己?

独生子女政策终于在2016年寿终 正寝了。今天,我们在这里看看过 去,也看看未来。


感谢优秀的团队和向我们提供无私 帮助的朋友们。还要特别感谢我的 父母王志刚和孙恪凰,他们在北京 的婚姻市场照了很多照片,成为了 舞台上的景观。但愿他们没有顺手 把我的信息也发到市场里!