General MacArthur in Australia

Production still for "General Macarthur in Australia". Photographer: Unknown

General MacArthur in Australia

By Roger Pulvers

21 October 1981 – 08 November 1981 Playbox Theatre

Playbox Theatre Company, Marionette Theatre of Australia,

Other Puppetry

A puppet play based on US General Douglas Macarthur's experiences in Australian during World War Two. While the author did a great deal of research into Macarthur's exploits in Australian, Japan and America, he admitted that he had "taken a few liberties with the facts, strictly in the interests of reality".

In 1982 this production toured to the ANU Arts Centre in Canberra (3-13 March) and the Sydney Opera House (11-22 May).


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John Shortis


Roger Pulvers


Robert Dein

Set Designer

Patrick Cook


Richard Bradshaw


Marguerite Pepper


David Collins

Puppet Maker

Ross Hill

Puppet Maker

Neil Simpson

Neil Simpson

Lighting Designer

Michael Manuell

Stage Manager

Kevin Scanlon

Puppet Maker

Kim Royle

Puppet Designer

Frank Phillips

Set and/or Property Maker, Carpenter, Cooper

Janet Ashelford

Puppet Maker

Production Program