Intimacy (2014)

By Torque Show

13 August 2014 – 23 August 2014 Tower Theatre

Malthouse Theatre, Torque Show, Lavender Vs Rose,

Devised Theatre Dance Collaboration Independent

In Intimacy, Michelle shares her most private thoughts and feelings in a very public way. This dance theatre work is a fictional stage for Michelle’s real-life daily experiences; a world where highly awkward, absurdly humorous and deeply moving moments manifest in unexpected ways. Where others are not sure where to look and how to help.

This production was also performed at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in London (4-5 September) and the Space Theatre in Adelaide ( 28-31 October).


Vincent Crowley

Vincent Crowley

Devisor, Performer

Emma Bathgate

Devisor, Composer, Performer

Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan

Devisor, Performer

Simon Eszeky

Devisor, Composer, Performer


Adrienne Chisholm

Set Designer, Costume Designer

Ingrid Weisfelt

Choreographer, Director, Devisor

John Ford

Lighting Designer

Ross Ganf

Devisor, Choreographer, Director

Halley Jean Buckham

Stage Manager, Production Manager


Malthouse Theatre and Torque Show presents Intimacy. This production is part of the line-up for Malthouse Theatre's 2014 HELIUM program.