Pale Blue Dot

By The Ensemble

11 August 2012 – 25 August 2012 Tower Theatre

Malthouse Theatre, OpticNerve Performance Group,

Devised Theatre Collaboration Independent

A mix of fact and fiction – an ode to science. A collage of stories about the infinity of space and the limits of photography and art at capturing such epic majesty. The play fictionalises the stories of Carl Sagan and his wife Annie Druyen, and their role in creating the “golden records” – pressed gold archives of songs, sounds, greetings, music, images and brainwaves that were sent on Voyager as a depiction of Earth.


Gary Abrahams

Gary Abrahams

Dramaturg, Associate Director

Russell Goldsmith

Russell Goldsmith

Sound Designer

Tanya Gerstle


Nicole Smith

Producer, Co-Producer

Tom Willis

Tom Willis

Lighting Designer

Eugyeene Teh

Eugyeene Teh

Costume Designer, Set Designer

Amber Hart

Production Manager

Hannah Liddy



Presented by Optic Nerve Performance Group & Malthouse Theatre. The production is part of the HELIUM Program.