Mark Twain Down Under

Production still for "Mark Twain Down Under". Frederick Parslow as Mark Twain. Photographer: Jeff Busby

Mark Twain Down Under

By Stephen Measday

09 November 1988 – 03 December 1988 Studio Theatre

Playbox Theatre Company,

New Writing Theatre World Premiere

An aging and ailing Mark Twain, on a visit to Australia during his world lecture tour in 1895, talks on diverse topics in this one-man show.

Subtitled 'The Most Beautiful Lies', Mark Twain Down Underrecreates the public 'At Home' lecture evenings given by Twain in town halls across the country during his 1895 Australian tour - just a part of Twain's year-long journey round the world, lecturing to restore his income and spirits from bankruptcy.

Using the great humorist's own legendary words and wit to describe his travels through Australian history, slang, manners and wildlife from Eureka to the platypus, from The Melbourne Club to the battlers of the Aussie bush, the famous Frederick Parslow now brings Twain back to vibrant life in a return tour of the Antipodes.



Malcolm Robertson

Malcolm Robertson

Designer, Director

Stephen Measday


Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Production Manager, Lighting Designer

Karen Trott

Scenic Artist

Christine Hutchins

Stage Manager