Miss Julie

Part of contact sheet from photo shoot for "Miss Julie". Julie McGregor as Miss Julie, Terence Donovan as Jean, Maggie Millar as Kristin. Photographer: Jeff Busby

Miss Julie

29 June 1979 – 21 July 1979 Playbox Theatre

Hoopla Theatre Foundation,

Theatre - Spoken Word Drama

New approach to Strindberg's classic drama of Mistress-Servant relationship, informed in part by the Norwegian painter Edvard Munch, on whose stark faces and images the production was based. The aim of the interpretation was "to see Miss Julie as a victim: a victim of an opportunistic man, Jean ... a prototype of 20th century man."


Roger Pulvers

Director, Translator

August Strindberg


Robert Gebert

Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator

Robert Hanson


Yvonne Hockey

Lighting Designer, Stage Manager