Sabat Jesus

By Ariette Taylor & David Chesworth

13 September 1990 – 22 September 1980 Melbourne Town Hall

Playbox Theatre Company, Melbourne International Festival Of The Arts,

Theatre Musical Dance World Premiere Co-Production

Sabat Jesus is loosely based on a true story about a deaf mute boy who was found wandering the streets of a Mexican town.  At the time, no one could say just who he was or where he was from.  When he made a drawing of a crashed airplane, the press and public went wild with speculation.  The authorities called him Sabat, after the day on which he was found - Saturday; it later turned out that his real name was Jesus.  The work explores some of the many intriguing theories about the boys past.


Ariette Taylor

Director, Devisor

Richard Jeziorny

Richard Jeziorny


David Chesworth

David Chesworth


Philip Lethlean

Philip Lethlean

Lighting Designer

Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor

Production Manager

Warwick Stengards

Musical Director

Gail Davidson

Stage Manager

Nigel Frayne

Sound Designer