Three Black And Three White Refined Jubilee Minstrels

Publicity still for "Three Black and Three White Refined Jubilee Minstrels". L.O. Sloan. Photographer: Unknown

Three Black And Three White Refined Jubilee Minstrels

11 March 1980 – 15 March 1980 Playbox Theatre

Hoopla Theatre Foundation, L. O. Sloan, San Francisco Archives for the Performing Arts,

Theatre - Spoken Word Music Hall

L.O. Sloan's production was devised as part of the American bicentenary celebrations. Writing in "The Age" (13/12/1980), Peter Weiniger described the play as

"a rollicking history of the American minstrel era and in the same instance, a hard look at the heavy price paid by blacks for the right to enter the mainstream of the entertainment industry.

"While the minstrel show produced some of the most talented song and dance men in the history of showbusiness, and provided opportunities for black performers, they also served as a powerful force in perpetuating stereotypes of American blacks...Sloan and his five colleagues utilise the music and dance routines as a medium of dialogue between the races to create a rather novel form of theatrical documentary. The show is considerably enhanced by the performers' individual and collective talents as minstrels, their tight harmonies and intelligent selection of material."

Proceeds from the season were donated to the Aboriginal Advancement League.


Lenwood Sloan

Lenwood Sloan

Director, Creator

Charles Mills

Musical Director, Musical Arranger

Olive Thurman Wong

Costume Designer