Lord of the Flies

Production still for "Lord of the Flies". Photographer Sarah Walker 1

Lord of the Flies

By Nigel Williams

28 June 2013 – 14 July 2013 Tower Theatre

Adapted from William Golding's Lord of the Flies

Malthouse Theatre, US-A-UM Productions,

New Adaptation Theatre Collaboration Independent

An adaptation of William Golding's classic novel about a group of schoolboys stranded on an island - would a group of girls behave in the same way?


Nigel Williams


Maree Freeman


Kip Williams

Kip Williams


Michael Hankin

Michael Hankin

Set Designer, Costume Designer

Nate Edmondson

Nate Edmondson

Sound Designer

Nicholas Rayment

Lighting Designer

Samuel Hagen

Producer, Co-Producer

Kate McBride

Producer, Co-Producer

Gemma Simpson

Stage Manager


A US-A-UM & Malthouse Theatre production presented as part of the HELIUM Program.

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