Hey! Yeah! It's Molly's Travelling Worm Show!

By Melita Rowston

13 August 2013 – 24 August 2013 Tower Theatre

Malthouse Theatre,

New Writing Theatre Collaboration Independent

Once upon a time, a tiny Victorian town called Korumburra faced perilous economic decline, until a group of locals decided to capitalise on what they had bigger and better than anyone else in the world – a giant worm. Enchanted and disturbed by childhood memories of road trips to ‘Big Things’, Melita "Molly" Rowston goes on a fantastical journey into Worm Country. Trapped in a cheap motel room with a talking tree and a mangy ostrich, Molly hopes to unearth a local legend that will teach her to live the life she once imagined.


Melita Rowston

Writer, Performer

Narda Shanley



Benito Di Fonzo


Augusta Supple


Richard Whitehouse

Lighting Designer

Phil Rouse



A Melita Roston & Malthouse Theatre production. Presented as part of HELIUM Program.