King Lear (2004 - Tour)

22 February 1994 – 26 February 1994 His Majesty's Theatre

Playbox Theatre Company, Festival of Perth,

Theatre - Spoken Word Tragedy

This Lear is pared down by one hour, focusing on the main plot, Lear's foolishness. Mackiewicz urges his actors to present the story with emotional detachment.

This production also toured to the Canberra Theatre (3-6 March).


William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare


John Beckett

John Beckett

Lighting Designer, Designer

Lech Mackiewicz


Tony Bartuccio

Tony Bartuccio


Stuart Greenbaum


Laura Doheny

Laura Doheny

Costume Co-ordinator

Stuart McKenzie

Stage Manager

Linda Aitken

Production Manager

Robert Hay

Assistant to the Director

Marie Orchard

Scenic Artist

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